How to set index page on private Communities?

Hi guys,

in past, Discourse showed up a request for signing in before being able to do anything on the private community. The good thing was, we had some links (e.g. Password reset for external auth-method) visible there. Now with 2.4.0 beta a non logged in user directly gets redirected to the external login page when accessing index (without specific path).

As i’m not able to customize that page: how can i change the redirect on main page?

Thanks in advance.

Hey and welcome to Meta @damihe :wave:

Can you please share a bit more about how those custom links were added to your site?

Also, can you please clarify what you mean by this?

Thank you for the warm welcome :slight_smile: !

Sure: The links are built in using the themes “Custom Header Links” component. They show up normally on nearly every page which is rendered by Discourse. They also show up for non-logged-in users even if the community is set private.

The instance uses the jonmbake’s ldap plugin for authentication only. It renders the login window by itself and is not customizable. If there would be multiple login methods enabled a selection would be displayed and there would be a button “Login with LDAP”, which opens an external login window. However i’m not allowed to do that as all users should be provided via LDAP. This leads to only LDAP-authentication-method left.

Previously, clicking on index page just showed up a message like “You need to login to see that page. […]” rendered by Discourse. If the user needed to reset his password, he could just click the link showed by “Custom Header Links” component. Now the behavior is different and the user does not see the Discourse page but instead gets directly redirected to the external login page. This causes issues as i can not modify that page (and put there a password reset link).

ah i found even the change notification in the changelog:

  • Automatically redirect to authenticator when there is only one

from there: Discourse 2.4.0.beta8 Release Notes