How to set so Discourse emails do not show origin IP

(Brock) #1

Our Discourse instance is behind Cloudflare. Our email vendor is Sparkpost.
We are dyning all IPs and only allowing Cloudflare IPs so our origin IP is not exposed.
However, when you look at our emails, you can still see our origin IP.

How do we set it up so our Discourse emails do now show our origin IP?


(Dean Taylor) #2

This is not possible with SparkPost and many email delivery providers when SMTP is used.

Part of many email delivery providers systems is to include the originator (IP address) of the email sender in the headers. For some providers even if you send mail via an API it still includes the IP (not that Discourse supports anything other than SMTP by default).

You would need to track down and test alternative email delivery providers.

To be clear: this is not an issue with Discourse and for the most part email delivery providers are doing their job.


if you are using sparkhost (or any external mailserver) backend ip shouldn’t be showing