How to set up a "standalone" discourse discussion forum


I want to set up a discourse site for people working with/interested in administration of international education programs between Norway and N.America. Users will come from many different institutions and organizations and may also include people with no institutional affiliation, so I do not want the discourse site to be linked to any particular website. Is that possible, or is discourse always set up as a subsection of an existing website?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Sure you can set up Discourse at, if you are absolutely sure you’ll never put anything other than discussion on the site.

Otherwise we recommend,, etcetera.

(Tom Newsom) #3

Each Discourse forum is as standalone as the next. It’s just that most people use a subdomain of an existing site to point to it. Behind the scenes, this is irrelevant.

So if you want to go straight to a discourse forum, that’s just as easy and valid as


Thank you both! Does Discourse offer domain names also (e.g.

(Tom Newsom) #5

No, for that you need a domain registrar like


Thanks, will buy one there.