How to set up virtual currency for users in discourse?


How to set up vritual currency for users in discourse?

The first poster will be charged, for example: $1 virtual currency in the forum, and the best answer poster will get $1 virtual currency in the forum?

I think this method will make people to post before thinking carefully.

If the sum of virtual currency achieve to a defined number, he will get some gift from the forum.

Any ideas?

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I hope it’s just that you weren’t thinking carefully before you posted and that you really meant the inverse

I think this method will make people think carefully before posting.

But maybe not :wink:

In any case, to some extent this already exists.

i.e. the Solved plugin.
The OP does not get anything “deducted”. But unless the OP provides their own solution and marks their own post as the “solution”, the “solution” post is used to award “some gift”
-> Helpdesk badge on Discourse Meta
-> Tech Support badge on Discourse Meta

IMHO If your intention is to inflict a cost for starting topics in hopes of reducing “lower quality topics” however you define that, the better approach would be to Unlist the topic and ask the member to improve the post so that you can relist it.


What I meant to do is to set up a virtual economic ecology of a forum. The firt poster need virtual currency to get help, if the best reply is choosed, the reply poster will get virtual currency for helping others.

Any ideas?


Were you ever able to set this up? I’m interested in this functionality as well. I’m assuming it will need to be a custom plugin.

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Me too! @shaz what’s your idea? I want to build a virtual economy where users pay each other in a virtual currency for providing information and also real-life help.


Awesome - so the idea is similar to your idea but a little expanded.

Users can earn virtual currency with posts, creating topics, sending lives, receiving likes and earning badges. Then that currency can be exchanges for things such as badges, titles, signatures or even receiving gift cards.

I’m unfortunately not sure what the next steps are to get this done however.

Needing a developer for multiple features
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Cool, I don’t want to set the prices myself, that will be up to the users. I just want users to receive say 10 coins when they join and one or two when they invite others. They can then spend them in the virtual economy of the forum. The idea is to incentivise people to help each other and operate as an economy as much as a community. Hopefully, in time, the currency will have value as a medium of exchange.

But this is just one element of a larger idea.


Makes sense, let me know if you want to work on a way to fund this together so we can come out with a plugin that works for both scenarios.