How to set watermark to pictures?


In order to avoid the pirate of pictures, how can we make watermark on pictures?
Could you give me some advice? Thanks.

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(Jeff Atwood) #2

There is no automatic way to do this currently, you’d have to write a plugin.


Thank you for your reply.
Do you think this function will be added later?


Could you hava a look at ruby中rmgaick给图片加版权信息和水印(中文水印) - Rails - language - ITeye论坛, as I am a newbee to Ruby, don’t know how to write a plugin.

(Sam Saffron) #5

It is not on our roadmap, but there is a very natural and simple spot to add this which a developer could probably knock out in 1-2 days quite easily.


Hi sam, thank you for your reply, as I am newbie on Ruby, and my people said “we need watermark”, so can you give some detailed advice? Or could you add this to roadmap?

(Kane York) #7

Is there any reason they can’t add it themselves before uploading?


Well, let me explain, in case some person copy the images from our web site, then paste to other site.
If we use watermark, when people go through other site, they will know where the images from.
BTW,we cannot ask ordinary people to make watermark by themself, that’s too difficult, do you think so?

(Kane York) #9

So, you want to add watermarks to non-original images? Is that what you’re saying?

In that case, I’m sorry, but I (personally) will refuse to help you on principle. Tell anyone creating their own original artwork to add the watermarks themselves.


Watermark shows where the image came from. All sites can set their own marks, so people will know the image is not the original one.
Now, we just want to protect our site, our people agreed on that.

(Sam Saffron) #11

This is where you are treading on some real shaky grounds with the entire concept …

If you watermarked the picture there :arrow_up: I would be MAJORLY pissed off. Its an image I took and has nothing to do with your site.

(Mittineague) #12

If it’s your site that has rights for the images, then you are the one to watermark them.

Else you will be doing well to only receive take down notices and not end up in court for copyright violation or worse.

Best contact your attorney now beforehand.


Well, I understand. Let’s make things simple and clear, our members put activity photos, activity which are held by our site, we want to set watermark on those photos with domain words.


Thank you for your advice. Maybe Discourse can put a check box before post, to let people add watermark on picture they uploaded.


Could anyone give me a hand?


Yes, this is a very common forum feature -we use it on the gallery side of our old forum (ip.board) but not for general uploads in posts.

(disclaimer- I’m trying out discourse right now and this is one of the things I was looking for)

I would definitely use this feature as we have a few shady forum operators in our space who like to come in and repost images posted by our members in the attempt to increase their membership. No, they’re not US forums, DMCA takedowns wont work. If they’re going to steal 'em, we might as well get credited.

This shouldn’t be too hard to do on upload via imagemagick.

I haven’t looked into the code yet to see which gems discourse use, but I’ve played with paperclip before - if I get some time I’ll see what I can come up with

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