How to setup Discourse to use SendGrid?

(ljpp) #1

SendGrid offers the largest volume freemium deal out of email providers: 12k. I have also heard rumors that has the best email server reputation, ie. is least likely to be tagged as spam. Spotify, Uber and use SendGrid, to mention a few high profile clients.

Unlike MailGun, SendGrid does not offer powerful incoming email routing and forwarding features. For receiving email they offer a webhook API, which is not nativley supported by Discourse.

Anyone here using SendGrid and whats your setup? Could I use SendGrid for outbound and Mailgun for inbound?

(Pradeep Kumar) #2

We have actually used SendGrid for our new Discourse forum - β€˜’

It’s not properly live yet, but the emails are working great. We have also written a tutorial here:

Do let us know if you have any issues with the steps.

(ljpp) #3

Your article only describes SendGrid SMTP settings, which are trivial anyway. My question was regarding what solutions people use for inbound email, as SendGrid only offers the webhook API solution for managing the inbound.