How to setup multi-tenant forums?

(Richard Xu) #1

We have a multi-tenant Learning Management System, so each client gets own URL like or All URLs actually point to the same load balancer. Now for each client, we need to provide a forum.

Are we able to set up Discourse forum like,, but sharing the same physical installation? E.g, multi-tenanted.

If not, is there any other alternative? Maybe spin up a new container installation automatically for each new client? This is not ideal, as we will get hundreds of containers, and upgrade / maintenance look like hard work lately.

Thanks advance to everyone!



(John Muhl) #2

Try the multisite setup:

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(Richard Xu) #3

Thanks @johnmuhl. The multisite setup looks confusing for newbie like me, but it looks like solving my issue.

One thing I couldn’t figure out - can the new site creation process be automated?


(Matt Palmer) #4

Sure, anything can be automated – just write the necessary scripts/manifests/whatever to make the appropriate configuration changes and run the commands necessary.

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(Hugo Hernani) #5

hey @richardxu, did you manage to automate the new site creation on a multi-tenancy environment?