How to setup multiple containers?

(Manthan Mallikarjun) #1

Hey! I just want to make sure that I am doing this right.

I have to copy this: discourse_docker/web_only.yml at master · discourse/discourse_docker · GitHub into the containers/app.yml file and then configure the info?

Then i have to setup a postgres server and put in the details into the app.yml file?

Where exactly does redis come in?

Im using AWS. The psql server will be on a micro instance and every ruby on rails server will run on a small server.

(Michael Brown) #2

The name app.yml denotes the name of the container. For only a single container (app), the name isn’t important.

In your case you’ll probably want to have (for instance) postgres.yml, redis.yml, web.yml.

(Manthan Mallikarjun) #3

So I dont need to make an app.yml at all?

(Michael Brown) #4

Exactly. It’s just a name. Since you’re using the web_only template, perhaps the best choice for your web-only container would be web.yml?

The name doesn’t matter - it’s there for your convenience and use.