How to show "date Modified" instead of "date Published" in topic right corner side?

How to show “date Modified” instead of “date Published” in topic right corner side? As per the below topic there are 4 revision made. Topic created April 2017, and last revision made at Oct 11, 17.

How can I change or any setting available to all user see last revision date instead of topic created date at right side corner?

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Hi Pooja. Consider changing it to a Wiki post, then it will tell you age of last revision there.


how can I turn off wiki history available to everyone?

Because after topic change to wiki post all changes visible to everyone.

Did you untick edit history visible to public setting in the admin settings? It should work with wiki posts

Yes It is untick. Also i have type “wiki” in setting and check if there is any option available, but could not find.

Wiki post revisions will be available even if edit history visible to public is disabled, because edit history is always visible to people who can edit the post.

Is there any settings available, who has created post that user can see revisions history. Not for public or register normal users who has TL1 to TL2 trust level.

To stay a bit on the wiki idea. You can change the level needed for wiki edit min trust to edit wiki post

If you wan to go in a bigger way, you can also hide the pencil icon and number of edits (and therefore the link) via css

.topic-meta-data .post-infos .post-info edits {
    display: none;
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