How to solve the subdomain problem?

(R.Zhang) #1

Hello everyone,

first of all, domain of our forum is or

hier is my problem:
after people sign up and create an account with our website, they are required to check their email and click through a verification link in order to activate it. This link however looks like:
once it is clicked, it will take you to the activation page which has the same URL. So you can see it always the subdomain is used throughout the entire process.

my question is: how can I use my domain hier in the link instead of using the subdomain?
PS: I installed my forum on digitalocean and created a droplet named I have no clue if the dropletĀ“s name make such a confusion. Can someone help me out?

(Logan Mathews) #2

Try changing the DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME: found in /var/discourse/containers/app.yml

(R.Zhang) #3

Thanks a lot, it works!:clap: