How to support China video site?


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I have read this post completely and tried that function, but failed, can anyone give me a hand? Thanks.

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That post is out of date. Simply edit the onebox whitelist in site settings to whitelist these domains, if they support open graph or oembed.


Yes, I have tried that, unfortunately, it seems they do not support open graph. But most Chinese people are using them, they are China youtube. Could you make some effort to implete this? I am really appreciate for that!

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What does this site say about those URLs?


Test URL

Several hours ago, Iframely URL Debugger - Open Graph, Twitter Cards, oEmbed return failed, but now the preview can be shown.
I added “” to “onebox domains whitelist”, is it right? Or I missed something?

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In order to test oneboxing you must paste the link on a line by itself, like this:

Doing it like this will not work.


All right, I have make it in seperate line already. Could you give me detailed configuration and verify it on your side?

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Well let’s see

Looks reasonable. I added to the whitelist, and the spinner fires when the URL is pasted, but it doesn’t onebox.

@techapj could you add this to your list? I suspect unicode issues perhaps? It does seem valid.


Thank you. If you need more information, let me know please.

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@techAPJ Youku does not support oEmbed either open graph. You can’t even load their video page without JS support.

I’ll try it out.

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Onebox now supports Youku!

Thanks @fantasticfears :heart:

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