"How to tinker your discourse" advice for beginners using the Docker install?

(Jonathan Feist) #1

Hi guys, first of all. I am a bit of an amateur with Rails. I’ve built some fairly simple apps from scratch with it so far and so the learning curve from something like that to discourse is not… insignificant.

The issue I’m having is that I’ve deployed using the Docker install not understanding how Docker itself works. I’m going to go and check out the Docker website a bit later and do some tutorials on it.

Basically I want to know how we build upon the Discourse install. The way it is at the moment, I have no friggin’ clue. I basically want to use the Discourse install as the basis of the website and build into it as the website app.

What advice do you guys have for someone like me? What is the best way to extend a website based on Discourse using the Docker installation? Do I have the wrong idea?

I’ve seen this thread and though @zogstrip alludes to how you can install plugins, I really need a high-level understanding on things and am struggling to find the information dotted over the site.

I am really eager to use this as a platform and would really appreciate the push that I need to go in the right direction. Thanks.

(Ben T) #2

You’ll want to look into the developer install, for tinkering with the inner workings. Docker will toss many customizations when it is upgraded. There are some howtos to get started with plugins; which is how you will want to build out features for your install. Plugins can be installed on top of the docker install… and you may find it easier to develop in the development environment.

(Kane York) #3

For explaining how Docker works, I made this post. Consider it required reading before you continue.