How to translate discourse into Vietnamese

(Steve Diện) #1

I installed Discourse on Digital OCean VPS via Discourse Docker. Now, I want to translate my site language to Vietnamese. How to do this?

(Quenten) #2


(Steve Diện) #3

I don’t see locale in setiing
In admin > Setting > Basic Setup, at default locale I type “v” but no result match with “v”

(Quenten) #4

Check this thread

(Steve Diện) #5

I am installed Discourse via Docker. So, I do not find the config, public directory. Can you let me know where is it

(Vu Hoang) #6

Hello Diện,

You also can rerun wizard for your site. Like your_domain/wizard.
Mysite also using Vietnamese language here:
So, if you have any problem, feel free to contact me. :slight_smile: