How to translate?

(Frédéric) #1

Hello, I’m puzzled : some french translations are missing :

But when I go to :

It don’t see “fr.admin.plugins.title”.

So probably, the missing translations are coming from elsewhere : I tried the curated plugin (docker install / uininstall ).

I don’t know. I’m puzzled. How can I translate this admin part ?

Thanks a lot !

(eriko) #2

Most, if not all, plugins are not in transiflex. They have their own language files.


you would need to add on a pull request to the plugin developer.


(Robin Ward) #3

Actually those keys should be in the main app, not the plugin.

@techAPJ any idea why those keys aren’t in Transifex? Is it because they’re in master and not stable?

(Arpit Jalan) #4

You are looking in the wrong file server.yml, instead you should be looking in client.yml. Here is the key you are looking for:

(Frédéric) #5

Ok, many thanks for your help !

So, transifex explain that server.yml is fully translated in French

I can see the translation of admin.plugins.title : Log in · Transifex

But in my discourse instance, It is not translated. What have I missed ?

Furthermore, the does not exist, nor admin.plugins.title.installed, nor admin.plugins.title.version

So I clearly don’t understand how to fix this.

Can you please clarify ? Thanks again !

(Marcin Rataj) #6

@frederic missing keys happen from time to time in beta channel. :dealwithit:

Transifex is periodically synchronized with Discourse sources at /config/locales by the Discourse team.

I try to keep pl_PL translation for client*.yml up to date, but sometimes miss the window: I had the same missing keys for pl_PL with 1.2.0.beta9.

My workaround is to translate keys at Transifex (so that labels are fixed in next beta release) and use discourse-locale-override plugin to backport translations to my instance.

That being said, I would not don’t bother with missing labels in /admin, as they are not visible to regular users: I use mentioned plugin only if a user-facing label is missing. :wink:

(Frédéric) #7

Thanks for all !

Curiously, the translation is ok now. :smile:

To be honest, I don’t really understand what is happening and how it works. That will take time :smile:

Thanks again for your help and explanation