How to unflag a post automatically flagged by the "system" user?


(Vlad Magdalin) #1

We had a legitimate (non-spam) new user create a post that triggered the newuser_spam_host_posts threshold, which led to the post being auto-flagged by the system user. I’m not seeing a way to remove the flag through the UI (with a full-permissions admin account) - is it possible?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Go to admin, then flags, then click or tap dismiss on the particular flags.

(Vlad Magdalin) #3

Ah, it seems like one of our mods incorrectly agreed with the spam label, as the flag is currently in the “Old” tab with the mod’s picture in the “Resolved By” column. I’m guessing that means the flag is no longer in a state that can be dismissed?

(Mittineague) #4

If you have the user edit the post (or you impersonate as) it might remove the undelete so you can then redelete.

(Vlad Magdalin) #5

Thanks @Mittineague, impersonating the user and adding a slight edit did the trick!

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Hmm. You didn’t remove the flag, it was already handled – as you indicated by its presence in the Old section of flags, with a moderator and a resolution status next to it.

I think we are talking about two different things here.

Delete and undelete can have some unusual effects, such as removing all likes on a post, as well. So this might have been a side effect of something else you were trying to do.

(Mittineague) #7

:d’oh: (I was in pre-coffee mode) I was mixing with

(Vlad Magdalin) #8

We may have been talking about different things, but the “impersonate as, then slightly edit the post” actually solved my issue :smiley:

A user’s post was auto-flagged as spam, and a mod mistakenly confirmed the flag as valid - the only way I found to unhide the original post was to impersonate as the user, and slightly edit the post. This seemed to be enough to “unflag” it and bring it back to be visible to all users.


I had this same problem.
Post wasn’t spam. I accidentally deferred on the flag and it moved to old. Couldn’t see an easy way to back it out.

But this worked for me:
Opened the topic and flagged the post, choosing the something else option. This created a new flag, opening that flag gave me the option to unhide the post.

(James Cook) #10

This seems like an oversight in the way flagging works.

The admin should have control to override a moderator’s actions and unhide the post even if a moderator agrees with a flag. Using this workaround has the unfortunate effect of messaging the user again whose post you are reflagging so that you can unhide it.


I believe the approval of spam may be confusing as well. Both myself an another moderator both mistakenly “agreed” with the spam post assuming it would allow the post through instead of agree that it should be hidden.

(Chris Holdgraf) #12

The same thing has happened in our community too. A few moderators have accidentally hit “agree” because the thought it meant “agree that this is a real post” not “agree that this is spam”. I’m still not sure how to un-do this operation once it’s been done once!

(Mittineague) #13

You should be able to get the post visible again with little trouble.

As far as removing the Flag, I know of no way to do that. One work-around is to leave a staff note explaining the Flag was accidentally agreed to.