How to update keys in translation YML files after changing ru.js and ru.js.erb?

(Anton) #1

Currently ru.js and ru.js.erb are not in sync.
I would like to change them but I do not understand how to update to corresponding keys in Transifex?

ru.js - one, few, many, other
ru.js.erb - describes zero, none, other, one, few, many

Compare to:

en.js - describes only one and other.
en.js.erb - sets no pluralization rules at all.

Can someone please explain what is going on? I’m lost.


  1. How to update translation pluralization keys in Transifex after updating rules in corresponding .js and .js.erb files?
  2. What does this mean:
    if (n == 0) return ["zero", "none", "other"];
    in file ru.js.erb


(Anton) #2

Just a very useful link for translators about what keys which language needs: