How to upgrade and maintain the discourse source code if I use discourse for my own discussion forum

(Love Chopra ) #1


I really like discourse and planning to use it as a core of my website and want to scrap my existing q&a, on this regard, I have few queries related to upgradation and maintenance of system, I am a .net developer and very new to open source usage so please answer it considering all the basic dependencies:

  1. If I use discourse as it as then how can I merge code into my development and live environment if there any new changes happen with discourse?

  2. If I do some customization at the theme and layout of discourse, in this use how I would be merging the latest releases of discourse with my existing code?

  3. If I integrated some of my existing feature to discourse then how I would be maintaining the code and will merge with new releases of discourse

  4. If I do some modification with features of discourse in this case how I would be upgrading to latest version of discourse in future?

(Jason Nall) #2

If you’re going to be making extensive modifications and customizations, I recommend forking the Discourse repo and installing from your repo. That way, whenever you’re ready to pull in changes from upstream, Git will let you know when files you’ve changed have changed in the upstream (official) repository, and you’ll have time to fix everything and test in a development environment before you upgrade your site. This way, breaking changes can be fixed on your clock, at your own pace, and you can upgrade when you’re ready.

If the changes are going to be more minor, maybe you can look into your functionality being added as a plugin. This may minimize the chance of an incompatibility or bug cropping up with every Discourse upgrade.

(Dave McClure) #3

More details on how others do to that here: