How To Upload A File Via FTP?


(Naveen Thakur) #1

I need to upload a file on my domain, say:

I tried to upload it via ftp in the var/discourse folder, but it didn’t show there.

Please tell me if it is possible to upload.

(Tom Newsom) #2

SSH in to your discourse instance and cd /var/discuorse
Put the file somewhere on the internet and use wget to pull it in
eg. wget

But I have to ask - why do you need to do this?

(Naveen Thakur) #3

Hi Tom,

thanks for helping me out.

I need to put the file for verification of google apps. They need a file on the domain in order to verify my ownership of the domain.

(Tom Newsom) #4

Then just upload a file within discourse itself and use that.

You might need to whitelist the file extension (whatever it is) in Admin first.

(Naveen Thakur) #5

Actually, it is a contest, and the rules required by the forum are specifically to upload the file in the home directory.

I tried WGET but it is not in the home directory.

I am looking for a method to upload in the home directory.

(Tom Newsom) #6

That is not a simple matter. See here:

(Naveen Thakur) #7

Ahhh! Nevermind. I hope they do something for it.
thanks anyways.