How to use a fix?

(Vincent) #1

I must confess I’m a noob.

My question is simple :

Eviltrout has fixed a problem which I had report, see Code in customize section not saving
But, ok, I have created an account on GitHub, and now, what must I do to use this fix on my own Discourse forum ?

Thanks for your answers.


ssh into your server, and go to the discourse directory

cd /var/discourse


git pull
./launcher rebuild app

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Well, no, you can just visit /admin/upgrade to upgrade from the browser.

Ssh is only necessary if you need to update the docker image or the web upgrade is not working for some reason…

(Vincent) #4

Ok, but when I’m going in /admin/upgrade, I see that I have the latest version (v1.3.0.beta9). And all I want is to have the eviltrout’s fix to continue my design.


@codinghorror is correct, you can update for each new commit from /admin/upgrade.

(Vincent) #6

Ok, thanks for the precisions !

(Jeff Atwood) #7

That’s odd, you should be able to upgrade from /admin/upgrade.

Are you referring to just /admin? I didn’t say /admin, I said /admin/upgrade

@pl3bs you are kind of giving incorrect information here.


Nah, it seems I’m giving fully incorrect information. I apologize to you both. I’ll edit my post above so nobody gets confused if they look here in the future. Thanks for letting me know that updates can be made from within the admin panel for each new commit.


(Jeff Atwood) #9

The only way that would not be true, is if the site was explicitly following something other than tests-passed branch in app.yml. That is not the default for a Discourse install though.

(Vincent) #10

Thanks to all, all is ok for me.