How to use category moderators?

Thank you very much for this.

If say I want to give user A an option to open their own category, then what I need to do is:

  1. Open a group for them called user A’s group and let them be an owner of that group
  2. Open a category for user A’s group

What I am struggling to understand is - how do I let user A only moderate this group, and not the entire User A’s group?

Hope that makes sense. Sorry if this is obvious, it’s just not quite clear to me.

Categories and groups have to be created by an admin.
let’s say you create:

  • a group G which has access to:
  • some categories C1, C2, etc;
  • some groups Mx “category Cx moderator” (with access to Cx)

Mx groups can be different subsets of G (or not).

user A won’t moderate a group but a category.
In addition of security, you can set a parameter for each category Cx :
In addition to staff, content in this category can be also be reviewed by:
where group Mx is to be set.

This way the users in Mx don’t have to be moderators of all the categories that the users in group G have access to, only of the category Cx.

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Sorry, my mistake. I meant a category.

What I’m trying to achieve is say a user named John wants to have his own category, kind of like a Facebook group within our forums.
As an admin I need to open a group called “John’s group” and then open a category for that group only to access. How can I make John the sole moderator of that group (apart from usual moderators of the entire forum)?

I assume there will be other users in John’s group, then you have to create another group just for John, and this is the group you’ll set in In addition to staff, content in this category can be also be reviewed by: of the category (which you “open” for both groups)


That’s what I feared… Pretty much a nightmare if you want to create dozens of private categories managed by individual users.

Discourse now has “category moderators” which sounds like what you want.

Can you kindly elaborate?

Yes, but as far as I know there is no way to add category moderators, but only an entire group to moderate a category.

A group is a just a collection of zero, one or multiple users.


Thanks Rafael, I do understand that. But for a forum that wants to allow individuals to run and control their own category it means creating two new groups for each category - one for the actual members of that category and a separate one for the moderators of that category. So 50 categories would be 100 groups…

And why is a large number of groups is a problem?

Are you doing everything manually and it’s an ergonomic problem? If that’s so it is easy to hook up group membership to DiscourseConnect - Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso) or even API calls for automation.

Thanks again for your help.

I think it’s an issue for two reasons:

  1. clutter, especially if you have dozens or even hundreds of categories.
  2. manual work. I already have SSO but in my case it wouldn’t help for the group scenario I’m describing. I’ll be happy to learn more about API calls and how it’d work for groups

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Groups can be invisible for non-members.

Check How to reverse engineer the Discourse API to learn how to do all API operations.