How to YOUTUBE video channel

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I am not sure where to post this. Please do move this to the correct category, if applicable.

I am going to make a YOUTUBE channel full of v. short videos on how to do things in our discourse forum. Like, how to use all the cool functions when replying, or explaining the trust levels built into the forum. It will be public and tailored to our website but likely, useful for many discourse forums. The more that use it the merrier.

I would be happy to mention discourse in the videos and in the channel title, but want to know if discourse management would be cool with that. It might be good advertising for Discourse but then again I am an not an employee of discourse or officially endorsed by discourse. So any guidance from discourse forum staff on this would be most appreciated and I will be sure to respect whatever you feel is appropriate.


(Jae Van Rysselberghe) #2

I think this should have been posted in the community section instead.

Well, there is a website called which isn’t affiliated with the Discourse team (company). Guessing you would need to add in the video description (plus channel about page) something along the lines: “This channel is in no way affiliated with… logo used is owned by their respective trademark holders.”

(Jeff Atwood) #3

I know @erlend_sh is working on an official general demo video but I doubt it would intersect with short feature videos. Regardless might be worth comparing notes.

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Thanks, @jaevanryssel, and @codinghorror.

@michaeld and @RGJ I am including you on this thread to make sure I do what I need to in terms of acknowledgments and disclaimers for Discourse Hosting.

I’ll be sure to touch base with @erlend_sh at some point.

Here is our website:

Here is our youtube channel:

At some point, I’ll add in acknowledgements and disclaimers in the youtube video summary. Any input welcome, here or via PM.