How would you add a custom "organization" field to the user profile and use it for the invite sign-up?


I read about the customer user fields and experimented a bit, but I did not come up with the perfect solution for my use case now.

I do want to include the organization/company name in the user profile. This should not be a mandatory field, but the user should be encouraged to fill it out at sign-up or by filling out the basic information after an invite email.

See how I added the “Organization” field (I assume I can get rid of the field-name “Organization” later)

Fact is that if I will not encourage the users to fill in the organization information most of them will not do it.
I know they could simply write this information in the “About” section or use the custom use field “Organization” in the profile I provided, however I assume just a few will find this settings.

Ideally I can customize this page - but I do not know where.
I’d like to add somehow the “Organization” field as optional field here (similar also if self-signup is activated in a later step of the forum evolution).

Side note: It says Set Password (optional) which is not correct as the password is mandatory. Can I change this also somewhere?


Obviously I missed this before: Required custom fields for signup are not required for invites

Still did not find where to customize the invite-page though.

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

The password is pretty optional. You might use social logins, or just always do forgot password.

You can hide it with CSS.


Could it be that there is a difference in allowing users to sign up themselves and the invite-only method? As of know I use only a sign-up by invite, thus maybe the password is mandatory in this case. I remember if I did not fill in the password it told me to do so, and I could not finish the sign-up (could not accept the invite).