HowTo create custom templates for new Topics



I’d like to build a Yelp-ish mobile app/site and would like to know if I can do this on top of Discourse.

I would like to know if I can customize Discourse to create a custom Topic template with the following additions:

  • a photo
  • Google Map w/ location marker (extracted from photo)
  • a few attributes for company name and contact info

I’ve done a lot of mobile App development with Cordova/javascript/AngularJS, but I’m new to EmberJS.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Can you mock up what the editing UI would look like for this?


I’m reading this a post on wikis and it makes me think I want to create a custom archetype

But I’m still getting familiar with Discourse. I’d be happy to have a fixed set of String fields for name & contact info, along with a photo and a google map with a location marker. It would be great if the plugin can just grab the geo-location from the photo.

I’d like to be able to keep the Topic post updated (maybe wiki-style?) while still keeping a conversation below it.


Here is a sample, but I’d like to have use a moustache template/CSS to format

fields: name, addr, web, tel, rating, location, photo

ideally, I could write an afterSave() method to extract the location from the JPG photo.