HTML code tags replace quotes with curly quotes

(Clay Heaton) #1

Seems like using <code>{"curly":True}</code> should prevent conversion of quotes to curly quotes.




Generated from…:




(Sam Saffron) #2

Yeah … this is a “don’t do that” kind of edge case:

The correct way of doing inline code is with {"curly: true"} like so:

`{"curly: true"}`

If you must use tags you can use the inline bbcode of {"curly: true"}

[code]{"curly: true"}[/code]

Yes I can hoist the inside of <code> tags but it just feels like a huge edge case given you have 2 other way of doing so that work great.

(Clay Heaton) #3

I agree with you. It’s a programmer at my workplace who stumbled upon it. When I mentioned the other ways to use Markdown, etc… his comment was “Oh, well I think of it as a discussion forum so I thought the <code></code> tags were probably the right way to do it.” My only concern then would be that there’s a larger culture of forum users that might make the same assumption.

Damn cranky programmers! :fist: :wink:

(Sam Saffron) #4

I can fix this but it is just that I don’t really want to fix this.

Also, there are complications cause HTML tags at the beginning of lines have special semantics in CommonMark so there are multiple levels of edge cases

(Clay Heaton) #5

I’m not going to argue for fixing it – I just wanted to point it out. Honestly, a better solution might be to pop up one of those blue notifications that says, “Hey - you’re using crappy markup. How about learn Markdown instead?” :smiley: