HTML/CSS customizations ui broken after update

(probus) #1

Managed to solve half the original problem (own stupidity…)

Still, my site customizations don’t have code highlight except for CSS and the save button is greyed out. This happends in Firefox in OSX, Chrome is fine.

(Jason Wojo) #2

I’m unable to save my changes in chrome as well after updating the color scheme. The save just stays greyed out.

(Sam Saffron) #3

No repro in firefox on Windows. Could this be an extension you have running?

(probus) #4

I don’t have extensions running. Weird thing is, while my test setup is all but identical I don’t have this problem with it.

The same site in Firefox on Windows is working correctly.

(Jason Wojo) #5

This looks like user error and a slight UI issue. I was copying the hex value from Material Palette which included the “#” in what was cut. When I paste Discourse removes the #, but ends up with 5 characters instead of 6. So my pasting of




I think I’ve made the change, but was unable to save. If I add the missing “0” I can save and all is right with the world.