HTML field just for homepage

(Charles Walter) #1

I am working on a new homepage that would allow us to feature select forums and then make all the other forums available below the featured forums, using the footer HTML.

Sample URL in preview (proof of concept)

I will likely hide the forum list on all other pages of the site using CSS, but it would be a neat feature (for the future) if in customizations, we could add HTML that would only get pulled by the homepage of the site.

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(Joe Seyfried) #2

Have you seen the topic (currently) just below this one?

(Simon Cossar) #3

Would a banner that only appears on the homepage work? As noted elsewhere, it can be done with css, but it would be nice if it could be done in a more straightforward way.

(Charles Walter) #4

@Jsey, that’s precisely why I’m adding this in the feature category :smile:

Since I’m looking to add a reasonably sized block of HTML, I thought it would be better if it only gets called if a user accesses the homepage. But perhaps since Discourse is a JS application, it doesn’t matter?

I ran my new test homepage in a search engine crawler test and it doesn’t appear that the footer was in the output. So I would be concerned that the text in the footer would not get indexed.