Http 500 Error, can't access dashboard wp


Wonder if anyone can help please. Very new to this. Have Bitnami installed with just one wp site that I’m working on running. I uninstalled a plugin and the site went down. I have managed to disable the plugins directly in the wp-content folder by renaming them and change the theme. So the site appears under localhost but dashboard access just produces an HTTP 500 Errror.

Thanks for any help. I can access my phpMyAdmin and the server is running…

Hi beatsworking welcome to the forum

If Discourse is causing problems with your WordPress you should install Discourse on other than unsupported Bitnami. (which you should do anyway IMHO, as Bitnami is unsupported).

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Hi Mittineague

Thanks for getting back to me. I seem to have strangely solved the issue now. I had to restart the server and then I could get back into my WP dashboard. I didn’t really understand your answer. What does Discourse have to do with WP installation and Bitnami? I am new to this so excuse my ignorance. Anyway thanks for your help and the problem appears solved.


I have no idea how installing Bitnami Discourse alongside WordPress would affect WordPress. I know that Bitnami Discourse installs are unsupported so whether or not it is, or has, caused problems with WordPress, it would be a good idea for you to move your Discourse install off of Bitnami so you will have a better chance of not having Discourse problems.