I accidentally deferred a flag - how do I fix it?

Hey guys,

I was resolving some false spam flags on our Discourse install and hit the “Defer” button instead of “Unhide”. I’ve gone and manually unhidden the posts, but at the bottom of the post I’m still seeing a message “1 person flagged this as spam. Flag it too.”

How do I make that flag go away entirely?

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I’m having the same problem. Let me know if you found a fix.

I have the same problem but additionally I do not see an option to unhide the post - where should I look for that?

Use the wrench staff button on the post.

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For some strange reason I do not have a post wrench icon - only one for topic. Dunno where it vanished, is is not the custom CSS. If I look at the HTML, the action buttons (the popup menu) is there but there is no markup for a button to show it.

Before I managed to use the API to “undo” the flag (delete the post_action) but while that deleted the flag it did not unhide the post - I assume that is as intended?

Inside the ellipsis?

Doesn’t seem so…

Is it missing from your post_menu site setting?


So the problem is not the missing admin menu, but rather the missing ellipsis button. :confused:

Add a 6th entry to your post menu, such as admin, delete, or bookmark. Then the ellipsis button will appear. It seems it requires 5 or more entries that are not “reply” (reply is treated special and doesn’t count).

Really any of the items in post menu hidden items should also be in post menu… otherwise they aren’t doing anything.


Similar problem. One of my mods deferred the flag which seems that it will eventually delete the post. The user flagged 6 posts of users he didn’t like. I need to change the defer to disagree with the flag.

The wrench is there on the post but it doesn’t show anything relating to the flag decision. The flag is in the old category with no way of doing something.

See shot below:

And also:

No, I do not believe this is the case. Unless you are referring to a self-delete by the user which can be interrupted by a live flag?