I can not send email through me.com

(Xianwl2002) #1

I got the error message when send email.
There was a problem sending the test email. Please double-check your mail settings, verify that your host is not blocking mail connections, and try again.
Below is my setting.

In fact I can send email before. I reviewed some posting,and try to fix this problem,but failed. Who can help me? tks.

(Xianwl2002) #2

(Jeff Atwood) #3

It looks like you are using a personal email service me.com, which is an Apple domain, to send mail from your Discourse forum. This is usually illegal, prohibited by their terms of service, and not supported by us in any way.

You should be using a commercial mail delivery service, such as mailgun, etc

(Xianwl2002) #4

Thank you very much. I will change to commercial mail.