I can't get the welcome message to display


(Andrea Roberts) #1

Here is how I have it set up - am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

(gauthier) #2

Just before, you have to enable it. Is it done?

(Andrea Roberts) #3

But I don’t want the discobot. Isn’t there an option to have a welcome message about your community without the discobot? Thanks,

(cpradio) #4

That checkbox at the top of your screenshot…

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #5

… says “disable”. Pretty sure she doesn’t want to check that.

(Andrea Roberts) #6

No matter if the checkbox is selected or not there is no welcome message…

(cpradio) #7

:thinking: /shrug

Did you also disable the bot entirely?
discourse narrative bot enabled

(Andrea Roberts) #8

I believe so…

(cpradio) #9

Wrong setting (check my post again, though it won’t matter, I just went through every iteration of those settings on my sandbox)

@tgxworld, I can’t get the original Welcome PM to work either. I disabled the discobot, I even disabled the welcome post setting for discobot and changed discourse narrative bot welcome post type

What could I be missing?

It seems I can’t get the old welcome message to happen at all by altering the settings. I can only get Discobot to do its own welcome with tutorial, or welcome and link to start guide. Is this intended?

Side note: the setting for the welcome message delay is missing a translation
translation missing: en.site_settings.discourse_narrative_bot_welcome_post_delay

(Andrea Roberts) #10

Yes, I tried your suggestion from the earlier post as well - that’s what I was referencing when I said no matter if it’s checked or not, I can’t see the welcome message - sounds like it’s not my user error…thanks for looking into this for me.

(cpradio) #11

If it is a user error, then we’re both doing something seriously wrong, which would be indicative of a UI that is confusing. As I can’t think of another step I should be taking to get this to work (at the moment).

(Jeff Atwood) #12

Yes that is intended.

(cpradio) #13

@Andrea_Roberts, so it seems you will want to keep the discobot enabled, and the welcome message enabled, choose “welcome and link to start guide”, then use Admin > Customize Text > to customize the message that gets sent (I’ll update this post with the actual string in a bit, once I have a chance to find it)

The key you want to search for is

(Alan Tan) #14

Ah good catch :thumbsup: There was a typo

(Andrea Roberts) #15

Thanks all. Ok, I have that working now, but what I would like to have happen is the message not come from discobot - sorry ;). I love the welcome message, but is there an option for that to come from me, the admin or from system? Thanks,

(gauthier) #16

I’m agree with that and it’s may be great if the welcome post can be not closed, and user can still respond, like before

(Makary Gołosz) #17

So, I’ve discovered today that my custom Welcome Message, which was on purpose sent from an account of a real person, so that new users could feel properly and warmly greeted into the community in their native language was automatically replaced by non-translated DiscoBot, by default when I’ve performed update.

First of all, I feel really disappointed as an user and non-native English speaker, that precisely crafted welcome that we’ve prepared for our new guests was replaced by an English-speaking robot by default and without notice.

Second, though I like the idea of DiscoBot very much, I believe it should be an option, not default.

Also, I’d love to see option to send welcome message from custom user account, it shouldn’t be hard to code AFAIK, thanks.

And last, but not least, a great thankyou note to all the Discourse contributors for great job with the release and other great fixes!

(Jeff Atwood) #18

No plans to make the welcome come from a user account since it leads to tons of support problems for us, and it isn’t sustainable… however, you can replace the message with whatever you want and we do want good translations in place. Conceptually it is the same exact message, there’s no real difference.

(Makary Gołosz) #19

There is one, which is important to our particular community - message was coming from a real person and new guest could’ve simply answer it with any questions, problems, concerns, or just to say “hi!”.
Now if you select single welcome message instead of this interactive-ish tutorial, a bot just sends a message and closes the conversation. So, I humbly disagree, this is a huge difference.
Also, I’m a big fan of Discourse’s complaint driven developement, so I’m complaining, in hope that if more people will express their desire to welcome new guests, it will eventually happen :slight_smile:

(Sam Saffron) #20

I was on your side initially but I have come around to @codinghorror’s side here.

The plan is to allow you to replace it with some canned text that points you at your about page:

eg: Discourse Meta

Then have a generally available anonymous / logged in feedback mechanism using web forms there.

So… at the moment we say:

In the event of a critical issue or urgent matter affecting this site,
please contact us at team@discourse.org.

Instead we can link to a “leave feedback” workflow that allows people to leave feedback using a web form.

This ends up being much more flexible and this also means you don’t end up having a “real” user have thousands of messages for no real reason.