I did some logo size tests. It seems I should not use big logos


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However, in my case, it didn’t work well. If a logo size was big, it displayed not good based on devices/browsers.
(Always good on my Desktop Chrome, iPhone, and Macbook.)

For now, I am just using not big sized logos.

(Sam Saffron) #2

Logo with 2010*1896 is massive that would take ages to deliver on mobile.

Your logo should be 2x the size it is on the screen on desktop to account for retina. nothing bigger.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

2010 x 1896? That’s… real big.


Hmm I used that big size to express how big it was… :wink:

Also 1200 x 250 or 400 x someting, this much sized logos were the same results.

OK. I will use small sizes. I just tested it. Yeap… it seems slow to be loaded.

ps. Do you mean if time is enough to be loaded, the big logo will be displayed properly? I was thinking the problem was CSS scaling.