I enabled SSO but I can't log in

(Ricardo Viteri) #1


I was playing around with the options and I can’t log in for some reason. There is no register button and when I click log in I get the following URL:

http://discourse.grupoviteri.com/?sso=bm9uY2U9NDE1NWRmM2VmYjg5NDI2OTg1ZjJjZjI3YmM3NTY3MDU%3D &sig=14062673a47f84213fee04f46d94f86c2c72236703a3429a6e21663769c75cba

Please advise

(Sam Saffron) #2

Likely not configured right.

To disable manually

cd /var/discourse
./launcher ssh app
rails c

Then run:

SiteSetting.enable_sso = false

(Ricardo Viteri) #3

Awesome, super fast response! Thanks!