I get notifications for topics I haven't chosen

after a recent update, I’m getting lots of notifications for topics that I haven’t chosen to follow or I haven’t even read once.

most of them are from a particular user, and I get the feeling that I’m following that user!

I guess this is a #bug, but I don’t know how to explain the reproducing steps nor I do have any error log!

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That’s very strange. Is there a tag or a category that you are watching?


yes there are. but the topics are not categorized in those followed ones.

reported by two other users in our forum as well.

do you know any information I can share so that I con confirm whether it’s a #bug or not?

Wouldn’t that be because of the “Automatically track topics I enter ‘after x minutes’ (default was 4 minutes for me when I registered here on meta)”, maybe ? It is a little surprising at first, I have to admit. And 4 minutes goes by pretty fast [this can be configured in your preferences in “notifications”].

This would say otherwise:

But maybe you read something and forgot or didn’t pay too much attention to it ?

no that’s not the case. e.g. I also get notification for the new topics that have been made during the time I was slept!