I just launched Discourse on google cloud


(john hashim) #1

i need help on how I can get rid of Bitnami


logo on my forum

(Felix Freiberger) #2

Wait, what is you question?

Either way, if you’re trying to install Discourse via Bitnami: Don’t do that, these install aren’t officially supported and tend to cause problems. Follow these instructions instead.

(john hashim) #3

i meant how to remove bitnami logo

(Jeremy M) #4

What he’s telling you is not to use Bitnami at all - redo using the guide he provided.

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

If you want to use the bitnami installer you will have to get support from bitnami.

If you follow the install guide you won’t have that logo and can get help with other things here as well.