I mades this Pluggin for Discorse true

Hello All,

In my posts, I see this text " I mades this Pluggin for Discorse true" Not sure how to disable this.


Assuming this is a plugin if you go to https://community.example.com/admin/plugins and you can disable it.

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Thanks @ondrejj for pointing me to the right direction.
For any body else who is searching, it is plugin:discourse-sms-notify-plugin which was causing this. I was searching all the settings for this one.


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Its just a test plugin. Here’s its code GitHub - pacharanero/discourse-sms-notify-plugin: plugin which allows Discourse to integrate with SMS notification providers (initially just Twilio)
There’s nothing in the btw, except that line you saw :wink:


We know this individual (it’s @pacharanero) and he is very trustworthy, but in general I would really discourage you from installing plugins that aren’t documented fully somewhere on a Topic who’s author is someone known to the community that you can contact in case of issues.


Thank you @merefield and @fzngagan. It was the initial days, when I was installing all the plugins, to see what all features I could bring in. Just realized the pitfall.

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Many apologies for any confusion caused. That was a very experimental early plugin - I was rather taken aback to find someone had installed it!!! I don’t think even I have it on a production Discourse, only on a dev machine!

As @merefield points out, I am very trustworthy :wink: - however I am an awful developer and I really would not install any of my plugins, especially not from 2017.

I have amended the README so that it’s clearer that it is not a working plugin.