I missed the Composer formatting shortcuts because they're not in the keyboard reference

This is a little embarrassing, but my recent topic In-line topic search-and-linking, e.g. Roam-like bracket links was partly (though not entirely) inspired by the fact that I didn’t think there was a keyboard shortcut for Linking in the composer. This was my impression because when I consulted the built-in Keyboard Shortcut reference (a very handy thing!) I did not see a shortcut for linking.

What I didn’t notice at the time was that other common shortcuts like Ctrl-B are also not in there, which might have clued me in to the fact that none of the actual formatting/content shortcuts are listed there, only the ones for interacting with the Composer and system as a whole. I get why this is done, and yet…

Of course I have since noticed that you get the keyboard shortcut reference on-hover in a tooltip in the composer toolbar. Perfectly sensible and normal design! However, since it did trip me up, I find myself wondering if it would not be good to at least reference/indicate that you can find the formatting shortcuts in the tooltips of the composer toolbar itself. And maybe there are other places where such things happen too.

Maybe this seems too obvious, that people should “just know” that this is where you find keyboard shortcuts for things like a text edit window. Honestly, like I said, it’s a bit embarrassing, I’ve been using computers for nearly 40 years (I started young :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:), I use keyboard shortcuts all the time, I test software in my spare time for fun, and often report issues like missing tooltips, etc. I don’t know why I didn’t see them there before, I just know that I didn’t. And if I can miss them, many other less computer-savvy people may as well.

So if a congruent way to make some reference to the existence of shortcuts not listed in the reference can be found, that seems to me like a good thing to do. If not, I get it.