I need SiteSetting.max_category_nesting = 4

Hi. I use discourse as a knowledge base community and tags are not as important as a strict hierarchy of categories for structuring information. I repeat, I didn’t manage to structure the sections correctly with tags.
Each category should have a certain number of child categories, not all in one. It is necessary to use exactly 4 levels of category nesting. But now I can only use 3 levels of category nesting. Tell me what needs to be changed so that I can use 4 levels of nesting.

Hi Volanar :slight_smile:

The maximum depth is 3. This can’t be overriden.


HI. You can change everything. The main thing is to know how. I don’t think this is a big problem, since previously it was possible to get 4 or more levels of category nesting.

I’m pretty sure you would need to write a bunch of code.

That is not true.

3 is hardcoded in at least 1 place that I found in a few seconds. I’m sure it’s not the only place.

I’ve written this before, but I’ll repeat it. The problem with the level of category nesting exists only in discourse, it is far-fetched. In the communities of other platforms, this problem is completely absent, it does not exist at all. Everyone creates a community structure using tags and categories depending on their current needs and everything is great.
Most of the forums I read are very old and use more than 5 levels of category nesting. And only thanks to this I know where everything is and almost never use the search.

I’m still surprised that they added 3 levels, and it remains a hidden and not-quite-supported feature.

I’m pretty sure that if you want to have 5 levels of category nesting you’ll need to keep using very old software.

What you call far-fetched others would call a design decision. The lack of other topics asking for this over the last ten years reinforces that it was the right decision too.

Two levels are standard, a third is available via a setting. Four isn’t an option.

If your hierarchy can’t be done in any less it’s time to go look for another product, Discourse can’t do what you want.


I also think so and the current project will have to be implemented on nodebb, where there is no anomaly with the nesting level of categories

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