I want to delete the page and forward it "About" "Faq"

(Hakan) #1

I want to remove the site statistics and about page. Instead, I have pages like their About, FAQ, FAQ, and I want to redirect them there.

I have done some research in the forum, but I have just set up the forum, the /var /www /discourse section does not appear in FTP. So I can not edit the file, can you help me on this?

I am editing with Nano, but the changes are not applied

(Michael Friedrich) #2

Hmmm, I don’t think that this is possible since /about and /faq are built-in routes into Discourse. You cannot override them e.g. with permalinks, and I am not sure if external redirects (Nginx et al) would work here. Maybe you can create a custom theme which hides those URLs from the header/menu and instead add your own. There’s hints in the #howto category in this direction.

(Kane York) #3

Set the faq_url site setting.