I want to install discourse 1.9 on a new instance - is it possible now that discourse v2.0.0.beta1 is out


I want to install discourse 1.9 on a new instance.
Is it possible now that discourse v2.0.0.beta1 is out

(cpradio) #2

Yes, just change the app.yml to use stable instead of tests-passed before starting the discourse-setup


If my memory is right - I don’t think app.yml exists before we run discourse-setup. :frowning:

(cpradio) #4

You can alter the standalone.yml file it copies before you run it.


Excellent, let me try that.
Going to try it right away. :slight_smile:

(cpradio) #6

You will find it in the samples folder when you clone discourse_docker (just an FYI)


Yep, I found that. I edited that file and now I’ve run the discourse-setup file.
Waiting for it to finish the installation. :slight_smile:

(Jay Pfaffman) #8

Also, you have five seconds to type control - c before it starts to build,so you can run disourse-setup and then change just the version. Editing standalone.yml may cause problems upgrading discourse_docker in the future.

(Michael Friedrich) #9

That’s awesome to know, I just shut everything down which listened on port 80 :slight_smile:

Now, where to put such in the “slightly advanced” docs :slight_smile:

(Jay Pfaffman) #10

Yeah. discourse-setup is very much designed for people who are not comfortable with a unix command line. If you want to do anything other than the simple thing it’s designed for, the source code is the documentation. :slight_smile:

(Michael Friedrich) #11

Oh, I love that setup wizard, it is really easy to follow. It is just the magic swiss army knife with collected hints and tips users sometimes keep asking for :slight_smile: Now that I have everything created once, I can easily integrate that into automated deployments (somewhere in the future).
For now, I am showing my colleagues how awesome Discourse is, hoping to adopt that as knowledge exchange platform. We love open source and we certainly know how to read the source anyways :smiley: