I want to install Discourse on Linode Cloud

Hello Guys, I want to install discourse on dedicated Linode Cloud. But the problem is that I’m not a tech guy and want your help so I can install Discourse with advanced plugins and then attach my domain.

The instructions that you are looking for are at How to install Discourse in production. Have you looked at that?

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Yes, but that shit flows over my head.

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Sorry, but you’ll have to pay someone to install it for you if that’s the case. Installing Discourse does require some small amount of work in the command line, mostly copying & pasting from the guide.

There are also one-click installers for cloud services like Digital Ocean that may work for you.

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Ok, I’m ready to pay so first of all please tell me that how should I create cloud in Linode?

I’m gonna buy dedicated cloud on Linode, so which settings would be best to create for discourse?

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I don’t have experience with Linode, but you should be good as long as you’re meeting the requirements listed in the official install guide

  • The default of the current supported LTS release of Ubuntu Server works fine. At minimum, a 64-bit Linux OS with a modern kernel version is required.
  • The default of 1 GB RAM works fine for small Discourse communities. We recommend 2 GB RAM for larger communities.