I want to migrate from Tapatalk

I have 3 forums installed on Tapatalk

Now I want all them to move from Tapatalk to Discourse…

Is there any way to do this…

Yes. There is a way. There does not seem to be an existing importer, but given that they will give you your data, one can be written. If you get enterprise hosting from Discourse.org they will do the custom migration for you.

You can see Discourse Migration – Literate Computing, LLC for information about how the migration process works.

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Is there any other way?

Other than getting your data and writing a script to import it?

I cannot imagine what that might be.


Can you or anyone else build the same script for me? Which I can use to migrate from tapatalk to discourse…

Sure. That could save you some money if I were to provide you with the script if you are able to run it yourself. Contact me directly if you have a budget.