I would like to translate search special keywords: category:, status: etc


(Anton) #1

Please could you make these translatable:

If my users don’t understand English at all, how are they going to use this feature?

Note 1. Because this is actually part of functionality rather than GUI, I propose making these translatable in Settings, untranslated by default. I suppose every forum owner might translate it differently. The search help page should then show the translated version accordingly.

Note 2. Even if translated in Settings, English version of keywords should work as well.

P.S. The translation key to fix if it’s implemented : static.search_help

(Sam Saffron) #2

That string is a disaster, its unstructured so it is very hard to translate (and it contains TDS and all sort of mess)

We need to clean it up so its easy to translate. (it is in the translation file now, just a pain in the behind)