i18n.transliterate.rule.t, T, s, S - what these keys are about?

(Anton) #1

Please explain what do these keys mean so that I can translate them to Russian and add corresponding instructions to Transifex.

Translation keys in question and their original English text versions are:





(Sam Saffron) #2

Additional rules used by rails to convert Cyrillic text into slugs, for topic titles in urls

(Anton) #3

Could you give examples of usage, please?
Have no idea how should I translate it.

(Sam Saffron) #4

Without that rule the title:

“Țomorrow is another day”

Will show up as


in the URL bar.

(Anton) #5

Sorry, Sam, I still can’t understand the sense of these keys.
Could you please try to explain in different words?

Your example takes “T” out of the title and makes it a separate path piece - but that just looks strange to me. How it works and what is that so?

(Dave McClure) #6

without the rule, it will look strange because “Ț” is just cut off.

with the rule, “Ț” is replaced with “t” and you’ll get something reasonable looking like:


(the first /t/ isn’t relevant to the conversation - it’s just the ‘t’ for ‘topic’)

(Anton) #7

Why at all “T” is cut off (without the rule)? Trying to understand what’s going on with the title when a URL is made.

(Dave McClure) #8

“T” isn’t cut off, “Ț” is.

Only ASCII characters go into the URL. So characters like Ț need special treatment

(Anton) #9

Sorry, can’t figure it out.
So what should I write in the translation?
Should I just copy the original English text?

(Dave McClure) #10

I think you can just copy the original english text and leave it alone.

(Anton) #11

Did so, and also added the link to this topic for all 4 keys in Transifex.
If this is the correct way to translate, this topic can now be closed.