Idea for user-card: Topic and Post Created


I’ve been thinking in new idea for user-card.
Is it possible to add number of “topics created” and “posts created” into the card?

Maybe here:

I knew it, when a user check de “summary” in the profile:
He can see the numbers, but I think it’s important to have those numbers in the “card”.
Don’t you think?

I read what Sam said here:

And the other answers they gave him, like Jeff. I agree with Sam that have these statistics on the card can provide a quick “indicator” about the user, if it is active, or if you have not created any topic, or how active in the community; all without having to go to detail the “summary” profile section.

What Jeff proposed is more complex. The use of metrics on the card could even complicate the issue of resource consumption to calculate that, I’m not a developer, it is what I think about this.

I hope you can understand the idea.
Regards from Argentina.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

This can be done in a plugin.