Ideas for contest score formula for a 3-months long contest; goal - spread forum topics in social networks

(Anton) #1

So, we’ve got almost 1k topics and we would now like to spread them across social networks. We’d like to run a contest for that.

I cannot come up with a good idea on the contest score formula that satisfies all of the following requirements:

  1. There should be no noticeable difference between those who started spreading the world in the first month and those who did in the last month. The contest is 3 months long and we don’t want to discourage people from participating if they found out late.

  2. All data for the score formula must be retrievable in the Discourse database.

  3. Friends of the contest participants who are link-clickers should be discouraged by the formula, i.e. not taken into account. This could be done by excluding stats with short session time.

P.S. We also run a Google Analytics account, but I don’t think I can find the needed figures there.

Thanks for your ideas!

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

Having trouble following, because:

  1. I don’t know what community you’re talking about, and what type of community it is.

  2. I don’t see how this relates to Discourse. If I understand you correctly you’ll be promoting content on your forum through social networks. OK. But from here on out I don’t understand Discourse’s part in this, and what type of suggestions you’re looking to get from us other Discourse users.

(Anton) #3

I’m looking for such an idea that



I’d say all 3 points related to what information Discourse collects and how to play with it.