If i insert rows in topic table directly in database will it serve as topic in discourse?

(san) #1

if i insert strings in the topic table in database will it serve as a topic in discourse or not?

(Dave McClure) #2

You probably want to use the API instead, or look closely at what the import scripts do first.

(Kane York) #3

Or he could use the PostCreator class from ruby code, which explains how to use it to create a topic.

(san) #4

yes i was looking for that only, i mean creating post but i have very little knowledge about ruby but i used discourse in my forum site. I was thinking about updating the database from php, since more familiar with php than ruby. So i will try PostCreator class.

(leathan) #5

Sorry if this is a silly question but where is that API?

(Dave McClure) #6

There is a how to on using the API ruby gem here:

And a php library maintained by discourshosting is mentioned in one of those posts as well:

(leathan) #7

This is the part where I click and hold the heart button :smiley: