Image are not imported to discourse


I create some post from old cms (i have xml file) with api. I convert the html to markdown.

All is fine but I have this last issue with image.

Image are not download to my discourse.
I had check download image
I use rake post rebake
I try rebuild html

But image are never download (and change to my new domain).

The image are create like this in my post


Image :

How I can force to download image to my discourse and change url into the post ?

There are several possibilities. There is a site setting that determines how old a post can be and have the images downloaded.

@pfaffman I don’t see in my discourse the setting with maw age for remote image.
I check download remote image.

Perhaps I don’t use the good mark to add image into my post.
As you can see here image is broken in my original post.

I’m not sure but I would try putting just the raw url on a line by itself. Not in markdown.

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