Image cropping to 200x200

One user is having a problem with his images coming at 200x200 in the resized version. See this post for clarity Early spring Bison in Yellowstone - Wildlife Showcase - Nature Photographers Network when you click to see full size you can see the image is not square. All the other users are not having this problem so it seems to be something specific to this file, any ideas?

I’m seeing this on another post with a different user as well now, it is not following the site setting for max image width

Will paste it here as an example:

My guess is that you fiddled with min ratio to crop and max image height ? Are you running latest?

Yes, it goes back to this post where @zogstrip gave me the option to set min ration to crop to 0, max image height is still set to 500 though.

Could I ask you to take that image down now since it’s not mine? Thanks :slight_smile:

And yes, I’m on the latest tests passed.

Any chances you could invite me as admin ( so that I can have a look at your settings and try to reproduce locally?