Image doesn't show when using html in a topic

(Jae Van Rysselberghe) #1

I know that Discourse preferred way to style text in a topic is using BBCode.

I tried to use < h1 > < /h1 > for a headline and included an image in a topic, the result was that the highlighted text size does in fact increase but the image doesn’t want to display. Removing < h1 >< /h1 > and using BBCode instead revolves this issue.

Is this something I’m seeing just on my end, adding html tags to style text in a topic isn’t supported (even though I saw a topic which said you could use basic html in a topic).

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

Test Heading

Seems like working fine here!

(Vinoth Kannan) #3

An empty line break needed between <h1> tag and image markdown.

(Jae Van Rysselberghe) #4

@vinothkannans ok, tnx!