Image Hosting - Other alternatives

Hey guys

Other than s3 what options are available within S3 for external image hosting? I am on the smallest DO droplet, and I am running out of disk space fast. If I could offload the uploaded images to another service (imgur), that would be great. S3 is too closed of an environment, so if I were to sell the site later on, I don’t see any elegant way to transfer the data (remote) to the new owner.

Have you considered adding DO block storage?

Disclaimer: I use this for WordPress and I love it, but I haven’t used it in combination with Discourse yet.


No, but that seems like it would work. I guess I would need to figure out where discourse stores images by default, and “map” it to the block storage drive.

Anyone done this before?

There are previous topics about this if you search.

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There are tutorials for mounting DO Spaces, and the Spaces API is compatible with Amazon’s S3 API. So any S3 plugins/integrations should “just work” with DO Spaces object storage.


I did before I posted the topic, but there is not a straight answer from what I can tell.