Image Hosting - Other alternatives


Hey guys

Other than s3 what options are available within S3 for external image hosting? I am on the smallest DO droplet, and I am running out of disk space fast. If I could offload the uploaded images to another service (imgur), that would be great. S3 is too closed of an environment, so if I were to sell the site later on, I don’t see any elegant way to transfer the data (remote) to the new owner.

(Bart) #2

Have you considered adding DO block storage?

Disclaimer: I use this for WordPress and I love it, but I haven’t used it in combination with Discourse yet.


No, but that seems like it would work. I guess I would need to figure out where discourse stores images by default, and “map” it to the block storage drive.

Anyone done this before?

(Matt Palmer) #4

There are previous topics about this if you search.


There are tutorials for mounting DO Spaces, and the Spaces API is compatible with Amazon’s S3 API. So any S3 plugins/integrations should “just work” with DO Spaces object storage.


I did before I posted the topic, but there is not a straight answer from what I can tell.